Across a Millennium to Love You Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is up, read it here.

It’s a pretty interesting chapter if I do say so myself! owo

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Across a Millennium to Love You Chapter 11

A new month, a new chapter. Enjoy the first chapter of November here. ๐Ÿ˜€

Sima Rui and Bai Min continue their talks.

We’ll probably be releasing on this day at this time for the next few weeks, potentially releasing two chapters a week if we find enough time to translate.

(Also, pretty major screw-up on our part. At the end of chapter 10, Bai Min should be talking about Murongย Xue instead of Murongย Feng. It’s been fixed and apologies for the mistake on our part.)

We could potentially release a few chapters or so on a new series that won’t affect the translation speed of AMLY so that’s something to look forward to aswell.

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