AMLY Chapter 13

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“Let’s go see sister-in-law.” Sima Rui abruptly changed the subject. Standing, he lead the way to the hall.

“Sister, good day.” Sima Rui gave a lazy greeting, then sat in a chair.

Murong Qian had already seen everything. As for this unruly Fourth Prince, she had always kept a distance while still being extremely polite.

Who knows what sort of crazy plan Murong Feng cooked up. She had sent a message along with a sealed letter three days ago, directing her to personally visit the Fourth Prince’s estate and give it to him. She also stated that if dear sister should just obey, if not, Murong Xue’s safety was forfeit.

Although Murong Qian was extremely curious about said letter, she had not dared to unseal it, the sender’s words were too frightening for her to doubt Murong Feng. she was also confused; the message was sent while Sima Rui was returning to his estate. How did Murong Feng know that he would come? She was honestly quite suspicious. How could a single letter solve the entire Murong Xue issue?

She went by Murong Feng’s instructions, sliding the letter across the table to Sima Rui.

Sima Rui was surprised at first. Not knowing Murong Qian’s intention, he received the letter, casually ripping it open. His eyes immediately bulged; the letter contained a single white envelope, something which the Yin Xiang House is known for. When guests drink alcohol they sometimes use these to record their thoughts. A simple line was written on the paper: you have given your word, the horse is hard to chase. I have faced you for three days, please return the snow 1 to the estate. [T/N: it’s really hard to translate all of this. Four symbols can mean a lot, and I have botched the poetic value. Sorry]

“Is he at the Murong estate right now?” Sima Rui had a shock to his mind. So Bai Min was at the Murong Estate all along. “Why didn’t he personally come to me, sending you to deliver his message?”

Murong Qian slightly wrinkled her brow, “I heard from Yan Yu that she has left for her grandmother’s to pay her respects these past few days, so she hasn’t been at the Murong estate. She’s probably still en route, so she cannot personally come.” she was infuriated at heart, your concubine should talk with you face to face, why do I have to be a mere messenger.

“I didn’t say Murong Feng.” Sima Rui impatiently said, “I meant Bai Min.”

“Bai Min? What Bai Min? I know no one by that name.” Murong Qian

Sima Rui scrutinized Murong Qian, many complicated thoughts flooding his mind. His heart was a mumble-jumble along with a sense of loss, “Then how do you explain this?”

“This letter was originally sent by third sister.” Murong Qian saw Sima Rui’s unusual reaction. Although she knew he was an eccentric character, this was a bit too strange; wasn’t it just an envelope? Where did this Bai Min come from? Who was this Bai Min? She was suspicious, what exactly did Murong Feng write in the letter? To make even the infamous Fourth Prince rushed and uncomfortable? Did it even deal with Murong Xue’s rescue?

Sima Rui was shocked, “Murong Feng?! She gave this letter to you? Who was the messenger? What did he say?”

Hesitating, Murong Qian then said: “Third sister had Chun Liu send this to me three days ago, directing me to turn it over to you at this time. She didn’t say anything else, except Chun Liu gravely said that my third sister ordered for no one to see the contents, or else the consequences would be dire. What was written?” Murong Qian wondered how it related to Murong Xue.

Murong Feng? Bai Min? Bai Min? Murong Feng?

Sima Rui’s mind turned and turned, still not understanding. Maybe Bai Min was Murong Feng’s friend, he had heard Bai Min talk about Murong Feng. it seemed that their relationship was pretty good. Who’d have thought that the reclusive Murong Feng would have such a friend; could it be that the person Bai Min loves is Murong Feng? But——there was something wrong; he had said that he was part of the Murong Estate, so how could Murong Qian not know of someone as capable as him?

“Alright then, I’ll bother you to tell your third sister, I will naturally keep my promise. If it is convenient, I invite her and her friend Bai Min, on my tab.”

Murong Qian’s head went foggy, what friend, what Bai Min?! What exactly was in that letter? Could it be about youngest sister? Mother was already bedridden with worry, yet that girl (Murong Feng) had upped and gone to grandmother’s house. Although she couldn’t be blamed, as she was raised by her grandmother, but how would youngest sister’s issue be solved?

Murong Feng had promised her that she would at least try. Other than her, there actually wasn’t anybody else that would lend a hand; Sima Rui was after all the Fourth Prince of the dynasty. They didn’t have any evidence, so they could only speculate. If he decided to refuse to admit, no one would be able to deal with him. If such an course took place, then youngest sister would be doomed to a life in his hands.

“You just carefully watch my action. I said that I would do whatever was said in the letter.  if there’s anything that’s strange then just wait for that third sister of yours to return and ask her. Older sister-in-law, I’m tired. If you don’t have any other matters then please leave.” Sima Rui didn’t even take Murong Qian’s feelings into account, seeming to completely ignore the anxiety in Murong Qian’s eyes as he gave this uncaring decree.

After sending Murong Qian off, Sima Rui immediately delivered his promise and sent Murong Xue back to the Murong Estate. Since he had the ability to kidnap people from directly under the eyes of Murong Qingliang, he naturally had his methods to send them back without being noticed.

Murong Xue was originally willing to die and had reached a stalemate with Sima Rui.  She absolutely refused to be what Sima Rui wanted yet he actually sent her back to the Murong Estate. For a moment, she didn’t dare believe that such a thing could be true.

In fact, during the six or seven days of being together, it wasn’t as if Sima Rui used force towards her. He was actually quite accommodating and caring, always speaking warm and carefully, being very attentive towards her happiness. No matter if it was in the Fourth Prince’s Estate or the Soft Moon Court, he didn’t cause her any difficulty, making her feel as though Sima Rui and the rumors spread by the people were quite different.

“Little Xue,” Sima Rui always addressed her like this.

This method of addressing was only allowed to parents and older siblings. No matter how opposed she was, he always called her this without fail. Murong Xue really had nothing she could do with this fellow, only listening to it without responding. Also, he really had guts, sending her back to the Murong Estate while staying within her own private room yet still being free enough to chat with her, in no hurry to leave.

“What do you want?” Murong Xue coldly asked. Her own servant Rui Xi had been locked in the Soft Moon Court the entire time and Murong Xue didn’t know how she was, “How is my servant Rui Xi?”

“That servant child, ah. That person is too stubborn, she’s still being kept in the Soft Moon Court. I suppose I’ll send her back to you.”  Sima Rui casually responded and asked again, “How’s your relationship with your third sister?”

“My third sister?” Murong Xue did a double take as she thought in her heart: how’d he suddenly ask about Murong Feng? “Very good of course, we are sisters so you have to treat her well.”

“Then do you know of a man named Bai Min?” Sima Rui impatiently interrupted her talking, annoyed to hear that she was lecturing him. Such a young age and she was already the same as her sister. Always putting on the look of an adult, gosh.

Thinking in his heart that if Bai Min’s words weren’t fake, he did say that he was someone of the Murong Estate. That kind of person, Murong Feng was familiar with him and he also knew about Murong Xue’s affairs. Even though Murong Qian didn’t know him, it was probably because Murong Feng married into the imperial palace so she didn’t know. Murong Xue should know her, right?

“Bai Min? I’ve never said it and never seen him.” Murong Feng answered coldly, with Sima Rui’s shamelessness, accompanying her with a pleasant face, if she shouted loudly now then she was afraid that she would be captured on the spot. So, if it was like this, she only feared ruining her innocent reputation. This was probably the reason that her father didn’t blatantly rescue her either.

“Right, who would think that the dignified Fourth Prince would kidnap her own younger sister-in-law, even after he already married her older sister.

[T/N: I think this is actually the first chapter that Murong Feng/Bai Min hasn’t shown up in. It’s kind of cool to see the other characters’ points of view in this conflict.]

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  1. Snow is the Xue in Murong Xue, so this means Murong Xue 

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  1. haha I read this whole chapter with a smile on my face! Murong Qian’s confusion was so funny! Poor Sima Rui.. curious, so very curious.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. Sima Rui is more curious about Bai Min than anything else. Murong Xue is reconsidering the prince now that she has spent time with him.What will happen?


  3. That MX is considering him know that she has seen how patuent he is.. how could she be so shameless and think about it. Sje can destroy somebosy family and home just like that. A Homewrecker in the true sense.
    He is her brother in law, the husband of her sister, the man her sister was forced to marry ceause this spoiled bitch didnt want to. How dare she , really shamelees and disgusting.
    Just give her and everybody a big torture and humiliation so that they wont be able to lift their head for the rest od their life.


  4. Great story, different ftom other time travel novels, I hope others discover it. Please dont stop translating it.You haven’t posted for over 2 months, hope you carry on .


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