AMLY Chapter 10

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“Who was that man who played the flute today?” Sima Rui lazily asked.

He had arrived after the departure of the mystery man. Although he did not see him, he heard the flute, and also heard the compliments. To be honest, he really was curious as to what kind of person could produce such a moving music.

He had never heard a tune of such nature, but it really was beautiful, pleasant as a spring, soft as a cloud, flowing like the wind. Although he had not seen the person, he definitely wouldn’t be a vulgar individual, or else it wouldn’t match with the music.

Yue Jiao shook her head, “His origins are unknown, but he had proper etiquette, so he is most definitely unordinary. But, this is also the first time I have seen him. His skill with the flute is incredible, and his piece was novel and very enjoyable. But his name remains a mystery.”

Sima Rui nodded his head, but did not say anything.

For three days, this young master would attend every day when Yue Jiao was dancing, but that flute was nowhere to be seen. Everyone was hushed, not making a sound, calmly drinking tea, leaving when the dance ended.

Although it was like this, Yue Jiao was shot through the heart [And you’re to blame! XD] under his gaze, his eyes were not excited. Rather they were even: focused, without distractions, whereas Yue Jiao’s heart was unsteady, making mistakes continuously.

Before dancing today, Yue Jiao suddenly turned towards the mysterious young master in the VIP section and asked: “this young master, would it be possible for you to play for this little girl one for song? I really want to dance a new song for young master.”

The mystery man laughed, slightly nodded, saying: “Alright. These couple of days Miss Yue Jiao’s dance has been a bit clunky. Since Miss Yue Jiao wants to dance to a new song, this one sends Miss a song that Miss can receive with the heart and mind.”

Yue Jiao’s face was full red; this man really was high class, to have discovered her minute mistakes as well as tell her heart problems! That Sima Rui said that people would come to the soft moon court, but all he sent was the Murong Xue that he robbed. Speaking of which, isn’t the Murong estate worried about Murong Xue going missing? Why aren’t they making any movements? Then again, who would think that the prestigious Murong estate’s Fourth Miss would be detained in the high class Soft Moon Court?

The flute sounded, beautiful but natural. Yue Jiao couldn’t help but start dancing, sweat flying, her heart and mind swiftly taken by the music.

Suddenly, the music halted. Yue Jiao turned, only to see that Sima Rui had sat down beside the mysterious young master, coldly looking at him, yet not saying a word. The youngster laughed and said, “Apologies, Miss Yue Jiao, I can only accompany you to this half today, may we play the rest on another date.”

Yue Jiao could only hang her head. Those in the audience that were slightly knowledgeable, had already departed. This Sima Rui was not one to be offended. It didn’t matter where this youngster was from, and he could be an eccentric as well. As for those ignorant, they were also rushed out by their compatriots.

After a while, there was only Sima Rui, the young master, and Yue Jiao. the air had a very strange pressure.

The youngster looked at Sima Rui. slightly laughing, his voice was even, “Luring you out truly was not easy.” he said as he drank a cup of of water.

Sima Rui was born incredibly handsome, along with an arrogant temperament. Born into the imperial family, all he did was play, which only drew a faint disapproval from the other imperials. His brow like a sword and his head like a star, straight nose defined jawline, skin like jade. Adding on those deep, blossoming eyes, it wasn’t strange that many females had been charmed by him.

Sima Rui slightly wrinkled his brow; with his discernment, although only this youngster stood before him, there had to be some bodyguard nearby. This young master was very straightforward, but it made Sima Rui even more curious.

Sima Rui was not an idiot [T/N: not too smart either, but hey whatever]. From the day he met this mysterious man, he had a hunch that coming to see Yue Jiao dance definitely had another motive. It definitely wasn’t just to admire Yue Jiao’s skills. Moreover, everyone in this place knew that Yue Jiao was in his group of people, and no one would be stupid enough to try and vy for her with him. Even if this youngster didn’t know this fact, he would have picked up on it within three days.

“It’s just for a prostitute, don’t you think you’re overdoing it?” He lazily asked the youngster. This youngster had worn plain clothing for the past three days, yet he wasn’t embarrassed, displaying himself. It really was hidden ability.

The youngster actually chuckled, looked at Yue Jiao on the stage, then looked back at Sima Rui and said: “Miss Yue Jiao is Fourth Prince’s special person, I do not dare to hold any special feelings. Rather, it was to meet Fourth Prince, but it really was a waste of effort.”

“Who are you?” Sima Rui softly but dangerously asked. He really didn’t like this feeling, the other acted like he knew everything about him, yet he knew nothing in return.

The mysterious young master smiled, poured Sima Rui a cup of tea, saying: “here, Fourth Prince, this tea is not bad. Drink a little to ease your throat, don’t be so guarded. Aren’t you puzzled about my origins? You drink your tea, and I’ll tell you, that alright?”

Sima Rui snickered, “Interesting, I have rarely met someone as intriguing as you. Fine, I’ll just drink my tea. Take your time.”

“Now isn’t this better.” the youngster was smiling. It felt like a spring breeze.

Sima Rui thought: Let’s just hope he’s not one of those with a ridiculous tale that might actually be believable.

The youngster held the cup and gazed upon the floating leaves, his eyes as calm as the water. He said, “You can call me Bai Min.” Suddenly, he made eye contact with Sima Rui, his gaze humorous, and continued, “Is Fourth Prince having any love problems?”

Sima Rui once again furrowed his brow, slightly dazed. When he scrutinized this Bai Min earlier, he only thought that he had a casual gait and atmosphere, especially those eyes, which made others calm. He had a very natural beauty, and Sima Rui couldn’t help but admit, it was fortunate that Bai Min was a guy, or else the entire audience would be charmed by such charisma. “What?”

Bai Min also slightly wrinkled his brow, looking at Sima Rui, his voice even: “Bai Min wants to discuss a person with Fourth Prince. However, I don’t know if Fourth Prince is willing?”

“Yue Jiao?” Sima Rui turned his head to look at the still dazed Yue Jiao, then returned to Bai Min. “Fire away”

Bai Min shook his head, laughingly emphasizing the last few words: “Bai Min has already said that I don’t dare to have any other thoughts toward Miss Yue Jiao. the person I want, is, Mu——Rong——Xue.”

Sima Rui almost choked on his tea. He glared at Bai Min, expression becoming savage, almost like he wanted to devour the other. “Who exactly are you?!”

“I am Bai Min, no one else.” Bai Min nonchalantly replied, “You have already asked that question. ——I know that you have many other questions, like where are you from, why are you asking about Murong Xue, but wait a little.” Bai Min softly laughed [T/N: jeez, why does she laugh so much, I’m running out of synonyms to use]. “If you want to know these answers, you will have to pay the price.”

Sima Rui frowned [T/N: also why do you frown so much? My vocab cannot keep up ;(] “Price? What price? Shouldn’t it be Sir Bai that should pay the price?!”

Bai Min faced this with a smile, almost like a friend that was bickering. Yue Jiao truly could not see through what they were doing, she could only see that the youngster was smiling, yet Sima Rui’s expression was constantly changing, sometimes peaceful and other times wrathful, peaceful and explosive.

“If it’s like this, Fourth Prince, then you’ll never know my origins, heritage, or what relation I have with Murong Xue. Bai Min knows that Fourth Prince is mighty curious.” Bai Min warmly said.

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6 thoughts on “AMLY Chapter 10

    • Here’s the way that I looked at it, and please note that I haven’t read ahead at all besides the work that we have on the next chapter.

      For Sima Rui, he has a few pieces of information about Bai Min that he can be reasonably certain about. One, Bai Min has some relationship with Murong Xue. After all, he does go there looking for the Fourth Prince after Murong Xue goes missing and is the only person to have gone there with intent to find him.

      The second is that Bai Min prefers Murong Feng to Murong Xue. This leads one to assume that he knows something about either Murong Feng or Murong Xue that Sima Rui doesn’t know and that he has some relation to them. From an objective standpoint and without knowledge of Murong Feng’s character post Bai Min, Murong Xue is far superior to Murong Feng in nearly every aspect so it just wouldn’t make much sense to prefer Murong Feng.

      This all leads to Sima Rui’s confusion, especially with Bai Min highly implying that he has information that Sima Rui desperately needs after making it clear that Sima Rui will want to be paying a price. Sima Rui hints to Murong Xue again near the end when it should be “Sir Bai that should pay the price” if he wants information about Murong Xue and Bai Min clearly doesn’t want that. In fact, Bai Min hasn’t mentioned anything about Murong Xue at all during the entire conversation and to Sima Rui, Murong Xue is the elephant in the room.

      Again, this is all just conjecture from the events leading up to this chapter so don’t trust my word too much. 😛 I did take a look at the raws again and it is Murong Xue that’s mentioned in the last line, not Murong Feng.

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  1. I think Bai Min is Murong Feng acting as a male.
    She wants to ask Sima Eui to let go of M.Feng and marry ‘him’ ( or whatever ) that way Sima Rui can marry MXue
    Afterwards Bai min will dissapear or die and MFeng will be free.


    • I think you are right on the money with this. She told the Crown Prince that she would go to the tea house. She also told her sister/ the crown princess that as Rui’s wife/princess she could not go into the tea house.And why choose a name from her past. It was a good choice because she is the only one who knows this name.


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