AMLY Chapter 2

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Bai Min nodded her head a bit and heard voices from outside the room. The door was pushed open and a few people entered.

It was that Chun Tao again, bringing a cold breeze towards the bed as she said in a high pitched voice said: “Young Miss, the Patriarch and Madam came.”

Bai Min frowned, suddenly appearing in this place and becoming Murong Feng. Upon seeing Chun Tao she raised her eyebrows, unable to hide her disdain. Being a bit overwhelmed, she couldn’t help but blurt out, “I can see and don’t need you to be yelling from such a distance. I just woke up and can’t withstand your cold air.”

When these words were said, Chun Tao wasn’t the only one that was shocked. Chun Liu and the newcomers were also dumbfounded. How did the soft-spoken Third Young Miss become so powerful on such a nice morning? Chun Tao bitterly walked to one sound, sneakily glancing at the rice on the bed. Could it be that with the illness lifting, her temper also worsened? It really didn’t seem like the normal Third Young Miss. These cold words suddenly gave the nearby hearts a chill.

“Feng’er,” Madam Murong said slowly as she looked at her daughter, “I was happy when Chun Tao told me you woke up. How do you feel? Do you want the Imperial Doctor to come and check you again?”

Bai Min looked at the woman before her, whose age was still less than forty and whose eyes were still charming, feeling moved. “It’s true that I did wake up, but I can’t remember what has happened in the past,” Bai Min softly said.

The hurriedly invited Imperial Doctor Cao diagnosed the bedridden girl then shook his head. After thinking for a while, he slowly said, “The Young Miss’s body is no longer in danger. As for her amnesia, perhaps it is the effect of her miraculous recovery. Plenty of rest will ensure that she’ll be well.“

Madam Murong frowned slightly as she accompanied Imperial Doctor Cao out of the house, worriedly saying, “But her wedding with the Fourth Prince is only three days away, and the Emperor’s command cannot be defied. What should we do?”

“The Crown Princess is also concerned about this issue, so she commanded this one to evaluate Little Miss a few days prior. Knowing that Little Miss is fine, Crown Princess is very happy. Little Miss’s marriage refusal must not be known by the Empress or the Fourth Prince or she’d face accusations of deceitfulness with everyone related being slaughtered.”

“If the Young Miss cannot recover her memory by the time of the wedding, then we’ll just have to trouble Sir and Madam to carefully educate her. This might even be a good thing; at least she won’t be as resistant towards her wedding with the Fourth Prince.” Imperial Doctor Cao paused, then continued to speak, “Judging by the  Young Miss’s complexion just now, her vitality is only a tad weak, with no other problems. Things should be fine after two or three days of rest. I still need to hurry back, the Crown Princess is still waiting for me to deliver news.”

After sending off Imperial Doctor Cao, Madam Murong returned to the house.

Bai Min had already laid down and closed her eyes to rest. Things had already come to this, regardless of whether it was a dream or not, it was best to take things one step at a time.

Madam Murong gazed upon her sleeping daughter, paused, backed away, then said softly but strictly to the nearby Chun Tao, “Chun Tao, you must carefully look after Little Miss these next two days, do not leave an inch from her side! If there is another mishap, you will not be spared! If Little Miss questions something, you must elaborately answer her question, but nothing about things relating to the Fourth Prince, especially those rumours. She will marry the Fourth Prince in less than three days, there cannot be another problem, or else even the entire Murong estate won’t be able to bear the consequences. Husband, let us return home.”

From beginning to end, Patriarch Murong had yet to say a word, glaring at the bedridden girl with a frown; only after hearing Madam’s suggestion to leave, did he scold with a steely voice, “You listen to me, Murong Feng, you were born in the Murong family, therefore you cannot do whatever you want. If you want to marry, you have to marry. If you don’t want to marry, you still have to marry! In three days time, you will have to reside in the Fourth Prince’s estate or else this entire estate will follow you to the Yellow Springs of the Netherworld!” Finished speaking, he turned to leave.

“Isn’t it just marriage?” Bai Min opened her eyes, calmly looking at the fuming middle aged man, speaking apathetically, “As long as I marry, it’ll be done. However, before I leave the estate, no one should bother me besides Chun Liu. Otherwise, if I suddenly get confused and do something crazy, bringing down the hundreds of people on this estate along with me, I would only be able to apologize. Now, Chun Liu, please send Patriarch and Madam out. I just woke up and it’s not too convenient for me to speak to others.”

“You!”, the Murong Patriarch nearly chocked as he turned to look at Bai Min.

Bai Min closed her eyes as though she were asleep, no longer opening her mouth.

Madam Murong gently tugged her husband’s sleeves as she softed said, “Patriarch, just let her fume. After all, she’s off our flesh and blood. Although she’s not as appealing as others, I really don’t want to send her to a place like that. You know, the Fourth Prince…” She sighed softly, stopping and pulling her husband away as she looked back at her daughter lying on the bed, secretly thinking: ‘Could it be that with this disease, it really let the cowardly Third Miss change forms!?’

Besides Chun Liu, other people also found moments to slip away, leaving behind only the sound of the rain outside of the window dripping with a magic-like allure.

Bai Min had less than three days of time to adapt to her new identity before having to marry. She really didn’t understand what had happened to let a twenty-first century person come to this baffling place.

This was a dynasty that didn’t appear at all in her knowledge of history, the Daxing Dynasty. If she was correct in her estimate, this place apparently had a thousand year difference from her own.

Her amnesia was noted by the Imperial Doctor, thus she had about three days to recover her memory . Imperial Doctor Cao had said that she only needed to rest for a few days before recovering. Therefore, she could use that time frame as an excuse to understand herself, Murong Feng, from what Chun Liu told her.

In fact, Murong Feng was a girl without much of a past.

Murong Feng at age sixteen had met this Dynasty’s legal marriage age. Fortunately, this dynasty wasn’t messed up to the point where children could marry at thirteen or fourteen years of age. Sixteen, put in Twenty-First Century terms was at the age of having crushes and was still acceptable.

She was Murong Estate’s Third Miss, raised by Murong Feng’s grandmother and was sent back to the estate after her grandmother’s death. However, due to her cowardly and silent nature, she never really received her parent’s favor. Chun Liu had been her servant from a young age. Chun Tao was a servant assigned to her by Madam Murong after she had returned to the estate.

Regarding her father, the Murong Patriarch was not only the Prime Minister but also the First Imperial Tutor of the Crown Prince. His relationship with the Crown Prince was akin to father and son to the point where he married his oldest daughter Murong Qian to the Crown Prince as his First Wife. His second daughter Murong Yu was married to Marshall Wu Mung who had control of the army.

Murong Feng also had two brothers who were married off. The older brother, Murong Hua, married the Emperor’s niece. The younger brother married the youngest daughter of this Dynasty’s richest man. The youngest daughter, Murong Xue was famed throughout the country for her earth-shaking beauty and for her illustrious family background. There were so many people coming to court her that they had already flattened the bottom part of their doorway.

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