AMLY Chapter 4

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Finally finishing all of the rituals, Bai Min was pulled into the new house. Sitting by the bedside, she took a deep breath and was just about to take off her veil when Chun Liu anxiously reminded her:  “Young Miss, you cannot take off the veil, you have to wait for the groom to take it off for you. If you were to break the rule, the Fourth Prince would definitely be angry. This servant thinks that he is not an agreeable person, completely different from the Eldest Prince.

Bai Min let out a sigh, with no choice but to endure. It was already this bad, if something catastrophic happened then she would be sending hundreds of people from the Murong Estate to their graves. Even though she said that she wouldn’t care, Murong Feng still could not bear to let it happen. The Fourth Prince had no affections for her at all. If he was really such a ruthless person then with his status as Fourth Prince, it wasn’t difficult to make things difficult for her.

She waited like this until nightfall when the Fourth Prince finally staggered back drunk with the smell of alcohol emanating from him.

From the time he entered, he completely ignored the presence of Bai Min as he happily began to flirt with Chun Tao. Hearing him talk, it seemed that he had previously met Chun Tao at the Murong Estate.

Bai Min continued to endure, but she was starving and parched, weary and irritated. Hearing the Fourth Prince’s frivolous speech and apparently hugging from what she could see from beneath her veil. Bai Min could feel herself choking with anger, ready to burst out at any second.

“Fourth Prince, correct?” Bai Min felt that the sound of her own voice was slightly hoarse, though fortunately still holding her anger. There was no need to be angry with an ancient person, just think of it as the new generation forgetting the predecessor’s sins. “Can I trouble you to first help me take off this veil before continuing to flirt with Chun Tao?”

This gave Sima Rui a fright, Bai Min’s voice was very sudden. When he entered he really had completely disregarded Bai Min. He originally was going to marry Murong Xue but didn’t think that the rascal Murong Qingliang had completely switched her out with Murong Feng. That Murong Family’s blockhead, along with his older brother’s personal persuasion had managed to convince the Empress and Empress Dowager.

In fact, he really didn’t intend to get married either, however, when he went to the Murong Estate along with his brother to mess around, he caught a glimpse of Murong Xue and was shocked by her beauty. His Mother had continued to insist him on him marrying and he had agreed to marry Murong Xue, who’d have thought, finally receiving a Murong Feng. That time he had also met Murong Feng; compared to Murong Xue, she was just an ugly duckling – stiff and unappealing.

Sima Rui sneered as he said, “Foul brat, what I, Sima Rui most despise is being ordered around. Your family’s old rascal actually performed a swap on me, switching a beauty with a block of wood. Not giving him trouble is already a great kindness. You actually dared to open your mouth and command me to remove your veil for you. Don’t you believe that I could accuse you of insolence and erase your entire family?”

“I don’t doubt that.” Bai Min lazily replied, after all, the Murong Family had little to do with her now. Moreover, she didn’t even want to marry. It seemed like this Fourth Prince had wanted to marry Murong Xue but didn’t predict that he would have to marry Murong Feng. “This is even better; you like Murong Xue and she isn’t me, Bai- Murong Feng. Murong Feng marrying you is only her parents’ wish, I can’t help that. Since you don’t like me, and I don’t like you, it would be better for both sides to keep to themselves. I only request of your esteemed self to use your precious hand to help me remove this veil. You can do whatever you wish to Chun Tao and everything else can go the way you want it to. I only want to remove this veil and crown to let my head relax a bit in order to drink some water and eat some food. You sure are drunk and full, filled with the energy to rage at me. However, I am tired and hungry; if things continue this way, I’m afraid that you won’t need to convict me, I’ll already be history.”

Chun Liu’s eyes could not be wider and Chun Tao was also scared silly. She was incredibly afraid – if the Murong Patriarch heard about her flirting with the Fourth Prince then death would be a merciful sentence.

This terrifying Third Miss, how could this illness have worsened her temper so much, to dare to negotiate terms with the Fourth Prince.

Sima Rui was stunned once again. The Murong Feng of that day had barely said a word. How had she become so articulate today?!

“And if I were to refuse?”

Bai Min sighed, “My head hurts right now, could you not ask questions?”

Sima Rui pursed his lips before turning and leaving. When he was at the entrance, he stopped, arrogantly swinging his right hand. Bai Min only saw a flash in front of her and the veil had already floated onto her thighs.

“Chun Liu, quickly bring me a cup of water, I’m dying of thirst.” Bai Min didn’t even look at the absent Fourth Prince. “Forget it. Chun Tao, get me a cup of water, Chun Liu, hurry up and help me take off this crown. Why is it so heavy? Now I have a headache.”

Chun Tao didn’t dare to breathe, hurriedly bringing a cup of water. Bai Min drank it in one gulp, “Go fill another and check if there is any food. I think there should be some treats left. Take a bit more here, you two should also be hungry and thirsty. Relax, take what you want.”

Finished speaking, she sat by the table to have Chun Liu help her take off the crown. In the mirror, she saw that the crown had made a bruise on her forehead.

After taking off the heavy crown, she let her hair fall down to her shoulders. After drinking five, six cups of water and eating some treats, she fell headfirst into bed, not even taking off her wedding dress.

Before falling asleep, Bai Min sleepily thought to herself: This Daxing Dynasty, seemed to be very prosperous. Their clothes were beautiful, and their food was tasty; she had eaten multiple meals before at the Murong Estate The taste was both fresh and nutritious, and tonight’s treats also weren’t bad at all either.

Sima Rui didn’t come back at all that entire night.


“Young Miss, wake up. After washing and grooming, you still need to greet the Empress and Empress Dowager.” when Chun Liu’s voice sounded out, Bai Min was still dreaming sweetly.

“En,” Bai Min lazily let out. [Translator Note: “En” is a common sound of agreement that you’ll see in quite a few Chinese novels.]

Without taking off her clothes, that night’s rest had really been uncomfortable. Her head ached slightly with the mark from yesterday still clearly visible. Her face in the mirror still had untouched cosmetics on it, looking a bit strange – artificial  with a haphazard appearance.

Taking off her clothes, Bai Min soaked herself in warm water. Eyelids struggling and in a daze, Chun Liu helped her wash up.

“Young Lady, wear this, okay?” Chun Liu held up a red dress, asking Bai Min.

Bai Min’s face took on a displeased look, “Go pick a lighter color; yesterday, I was really blinded by this color. What about that pale red one? It’s both lively and doesn’t make my eyes hurt. …No, take those old things away now. My head still hurts. See if there are any jade hairpins. Something that can keep my hair up. Okay, this isn’t bad. Simple yet grand, it’ll do.”

Ignoring those garish phoenix hairpins, Bai Min selected a jade hairpin, a simple yet delicate green one, cold yet serene with a royal air. It further contrasted her black hair and fair skin.


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  1. Rui didn’t come home on the wedding night. Now to meet the Emperor and the Empress.. Well Feng seems to have her own sense of style. Let’s see what the others think of her new persona.
    Thank you for this update.


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