AMLY Chapter 14

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Sima Rui was very confused. What kind of person was this Bai Min?! It seemed like he would have to wait to ask Murong Feng.

Murong Xue lifted her head. There was no one to be seen, but she knew that her hour of freedom was nigh, that she would return home very soon. There would be no set of evil eyes circling her day and night. At this thought, she let out a sigh, surprising herself. Why was she sighing? Wasn’t everything going to be alright?

The entire night, all Sima Rui could think about was Bai Min’s cheeky smile. He thought, why do I care so much about a youngster that I barely know? It’s not like he has me addicted to a drug.

Only, Murong Feng did not return at all. Sima Rui was almost rushed to death.

Finding Yan Yu, he asked: “When will she be back?” his voice was impatient, spooking Yan Yu so much that he paused, leaving Sima Rui hanging for a while.

“I asked you if you know when she will be back! Why are you standing there slack-jawed?” Sima Rui growled.

Yan Yu looked at Sima Rui, extremely curious. Why would he suddenly ask about his concubine? But she faithfully relayed, “The Fourth Princess was allowed her leave by the Empress Dowager, who did not specify a return date. It is almost impossible to determine when she will return.”

Sima Rui waved his hand, dismissing Yan Yu. he planned to personally ask grandmother.

The Empress Dowager was coincidentally discussing Murong Feng with Little De how she still hadn’t returned after so many days. Noticing Sima Rui’s arrival, she straightened up, warmly asking, “Rui’er, why are you here today?”

“What are you two discussing?” Sima Rui nonchalantly sat next to the Empress Dowager, sipping out of her teacup, and laughingly said.

“The Empress Dowager was just talking about your concubine.” Little De carefully said, keeping a respectful expression while also observing Sima Rui.

He knew that the Empress Dowager liked that Fourth Princess. He also thought that she wasn’t bad: she was polite, warm, compassionate. Very different from the other concubines. They were all arrogant or unreasonable or disrespectful. She was also beautiful, so there should be no reason for the Fourth Prince to hate her.

Sima Rui raised an eyebrow, “Grandmother, aren’t you really filled with boredom to the tip of your head, even talking about that little girl? Right, when is that girl planning to come back?”

The Empress Dowager smiled, “You can’t talk about bad about Feng Feng in front of me. This Feng’er is just my favorite. She has good looks, witty humor, nothing like those Royal Concubines. In my eyes, she’s better than both her older sisters and isn’t lacking compared to her younger sister. I was just thinking about her; when she left, I even specifically directed her to leave early and come back early. Unfortunately, once she leaves then she doesn’t know to come back. I’m afraid that her grandmother’s place is more lively than here – upon going there then she’s not willing to come back. That way that I see it, if I don’t set down a decree then Feng’er can’t bear to return.”

Sima Rui was silent for a long time. After some time had passed, he said with a smile, “Grandmother, did that Murong Feng girl put you on drugs? You’re exaggerating her to this extent only after two to three days at most? Huhuh, now I really want you to get her back here, to see if she has three heads and six arms 1 or not. She has received more praise than your own grandchildren.”

The Empress Dowager happily laughed, smacked Sima Rui’s hand, and said: “you will know when you truly meet her, pity that she’s wasted on you. Don’t you know? I’ve given her the medallion of the emperor. If you dare to bully her, I won’t let you off.?

Sima Rui was speechless for a long while. Looking at the Empress Dowager, he was astounded! This was the emperor’s medallion! His Grandmother actually gave the medallion created at the start of the dynasty to a girl she knew for only three days?

Whoever he hated, grandmother would also hate, this was an unchanged fact since he was little. How had the situation turned to this? To like the person he couldn’t bear to, as well as——

I really need to get to know this Murong Feng. to get a biased person to accept her, seems like there is a reason Bai Min works for Murong Feng. Is it the truth that Murong Feng is this charismatic?

“Grandmother, you need to call her back for me, I really want to see just what kind of saint she is!” Sima Rui pouted, inwardly sneering. If this Murong Feng were to dare to hold any selfish desires, then she’s dead. Unless the Daxing dynasty was really going to wholeheartedly follow that Murong Qingliang?

Still curious about Bai Min, Sima Rui felt even more disgust towards Murong Feng, especially her trip to mourn. It had been ten days since she had left, seven since his meeting with Bai Min, Sima Rui was at his breaking point. Ordering his troop to remain in the Fourth Prince Estate, he waited for Murong Feng to return. He would contact her the moment she came back. Of course, he would also have the opportunity to vent.

This time the victim of oppression would be Murong Feng.

Because today Murong Qian was hosting a banquet for her side of the family, and Sima Zhe was also entertaining his parents.

These three people coincidentally met up with Sima Rui, prompting the Emperor to suggest traveling together. The Empress was unwilling at first, but she yielded due to fear of opposing the Emperor’s will. She only hoped that Rui’er wouldn’t fall out of line in the presence of the emperor.

Murong Xue emerged when she was dressed. After resting at home for a few days, she was finally recovered; her skin was clear with a golden sheen, dressed from head to toe in beautiful garb, the top beauty in the Daxing dynasty. There was no doubt about it, with her round eyes like spring water, gentle brow, and soft red lips, everyone found it hard to resist her charms.

Upon seeing Sima Rui, Murong Xue’s heartbeat quickened as she dropped her gaze. She could hear her own beat. At the same time, a small drum was heard, and Sima Rui’s eyes floated back and forth, looking as if he wished to take her soul.

Murong Qian was watching from the side, and signaled her father with a glance. Murong Qinliang bowed to the Emperor and the Empress, his eyes blazing, his body visibly enduring.

“Xiao Xue,” Sima Rui moved like lightning to her side, his smile unmatched in brilliance. “Did you miss me? [omegah so creepy]”

Murong Xue backed up, unsettled.

cough——” Murong Qingliang softly coughed, “Fourth Prince, why have you made time for today?”

Sima Rui smiled. Looking at Murong Qingliang, “Mister Prime Minister you surely jest. I always stay in the Palace, the home of my eldest bro. I should be the one asking you. Why are you in such a good mood? Why are you visiting this estate and drinking its wine? Oh yeah, when does your third daughter plan on coming back?”

Murong Qingliang’s face was beet red, but he was silent.

This Fourth Prince. On the surface he was merely hard-headed, but he was surprisingly cunning! He had been careless and had been trapped, talking as if this Eldest Prince estate was his own home. If one pursued this matter then it could be seen as a capital offense. Even so, it could be worse. This brat had dared to barge into the Murong Estate and steal his precious daughter right under his nose only to bring her back. If it wasn’t for Murong Feng’s efforts, the current situation couldn’t even be imagined.

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  1. An idiom expressing how absurd the person is to have done such a thing. 

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  1. gosh I swear I feel so bad for the third sister her family are BS not only that now the stupid little sister it’s like getting feelings for him now I just want to punch them on the face but hopefully the third sister blow them away with a wonderful performance or whatever it is she’s going to do thank you so much for translating I cannot wait for more chapters


  2. It seems the tables have turned on this Murong Family. Only the Empress Dowager has seen the true beauty of Murong Feng. It is sad that her family thinks of her as a cast away.But now the 4th Prince is curious about Feng’s relationship with Bai Min . What kind of true relationship does Feng share with this unknown man. And the youngest Miss is entertaining snatching the 4th Prince from Feng even though she didn’t want to marry him in the first place

    Wow! Thank you for continuing with this novel. 🤗


  3. Hi maybe you should put your translation site address after a few paragraphs so more people come to this site to support you instead of going on other sites to read your translations. Love this story, you deserve more support on this sitte, hope you post regularly so you get discovered / noticed by others on novel updates


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    Thanks for the translation, it’s appreciated.


  5. Just a comment you won’t like, and even more will be angry. And I hate to make that kind of comment myself.
    I haven’t read this chapter. It’s been so long since I’ve read the story that I’ve forgotten the plot. I just remember that I liked it. I was waiting for new chapters to reread the story. But so far we haven’t had any other chapter in mote tham 20 days. And this is a novel with soooooo many chapters.
    Isn’t it time to ask yourself if you can get on with this novel? Will you be able to translate the 187 chapters? Are you proposing to this? Do you think you can do that?
    You started translating in the month 6 of last year, and barely has more than 10 chapters until now.
    It’s a volunteer job you do, I know, but you still have your readers expecting something from you. If it were just your hobby, you wouldn’t even publish … It’s a compromise.
    The problem isn’t your translation, it’s good, but you can’t keep up.
    If you have the desire to translate, to exercise your Mandarin and English, wouldn’t it be better to translate short stories?


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