AMLY Chapter 7

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Murong Feng sipped the tea. Honestly, this kind of life isn’t bad: drinking top-quality tea, along with a beautiful view, reading sophisticated ancient books, comparing her wit to the ancients. Compared to her life before, this had many different hobbies.

After waiting for a long time without hearing Murong Feng’s response, Murong Qian softly coughed a little, “Did you really hear me with those ears of yours, and thought about it?”

Murong Feng chuckled, “Why is sister so concerned? Feng’er’s choice is Feng’er’s business. Back when Feng’er was forced to replace little sister in this fire pit, we ceased to have a sisterly’ relationship. I happened to care a lot about the Murong estate, otherwise nobody would be living peacefully. Because of this, I’ll have to bother sister to go fulfill the Eldest Princess, the future Empress, and not put so much care into Feng’er.”

“You——” Murong Feng was livid.

“I’m all right thank you,” Murong Feng giggled, “Sister can rest easy, Feng’er is well, except that Feng’er has only just come to the Fourth Prince’s estate and is unfamiliar with it, and must leave for now, ——Chun Liu,” Murong Feng softly called, seeing that Chun Liu had entered, she said with an even tone, “Chun Liu, please send off Eldest Princess.”

Murong Qian’s eyes were wide, just wanting to speak.

“Sister, we are not the only ones here at this time, it’s better to avoid talking too much.” Murong Feng laughingly said. Raising her voice while still smiling, she looked at Murong Qian and stated, “I’ll have to bother sister to ask Eldest Prince’s health in my stead, thank him for his ‘arrangements,’ allowing Feng’er to attain this glory and wealth. Feng’er’s body is not feeling very good today, and will personally greet him another day.”

Murong Qian was speechless as she tried to maintain a concerned smile, turning away.

When Chun Liu returned, Murong Feng had just finished the tea in her hands, quietly whispering, “Young Miss, when the Oldest Miss came here she brought many items, do you want to take a look?”

“No need.” Murong Feng lazily said, “Right now my heart is captivated by this view in front of me, you can just pack away those things.”

That night’s sleep was really good, Murong Feng woke up and did a huge stretch. Last night Sima Ru did not return, Murong Feng was very happy about this, and would rather him stay in the brothels all day. Everything was fine as long a she wasn’t disturbed. Although she had the Empress Dowager’s decree in her hand, she would have to waste some words anyways. And if he really decided to force through, the one suffering would be her.

Also, the decree was not infallible; the Empress Dowager would not just deny her own grandson the right to approach his own rightfully claimed wife. Besides, Sima Rui wasn’t an obedient person to begin with.

Just after eating breakfast, the young eunuch Little De that had been with the Empress Dowager  rushed over, standing before Murong Feng with a fawning smile plastered over his face as he whispered, “Servant only just saw Fourth Princess and first wants to thank her for helping out this servant yesterday and allowing this servant to avoid a world of pain.”

Murong Feng smiled, “Chun Liu, it is Uncle De’s first time in the Fourth Prince’s estate, go pick an item to gift him in my place as a small greeting gift.”

“Ah, this little servant cannot accept such a present.” Little De was all smiles.

“Uncle De is joking, working in the palace, what kind of item haven’t you seen. I’m only afraid that the items I present fail to catch Uncle De’s eyes.” Murong Feng giggled, “It’s better for Uncle De not to refuse, despite this being your first time coming to the Fourth Prince’s Estate, we can still be considered acquaintances. This gift is only the icing on the cake.

“Then this servant won’t be polite, many thanks to Fourth Princess’s generosity.” Little De happily received the items that Chun Liu delivered: a small jade incense burner set, very detailed and of very high quality.

Last night Murong Feng had organized some items that she would welcome her guests with; this was only one of many. The Murong Estate’s dowry numbered over ten boxes, along with the wedding presents from a couple of days ago. Murong Feng was overwhelmed and just casually opened a box, organized a bit, perfect for this morning.

Little De once again softly laughed: “This servant came to announce the Empress Dowager’s decree. This morning during breakfast, the Empress Dowager said to this servant, ‘I think that that Feng’er really is a charismatic person, and I miss her. Little De, why don’t you go invite her here.’ This servant hurried over here to invite Fourth Princess to follow this servant to Yangfu Palace. This servant is personally very happy for Fourth Princess. This hall has many concubines, but to have caught the Empress Dowager’s eye, This servant has only seen Fourth Princess in the time I have served the Empress Dowager. I do not know how many concubines would feel envy.”

Murong Feng laughed, “Many thanks to Uncle De, after I have prepared, I will immediately follow Uncle De out.”

After returning inside, Murong Feng changed into a shallow water-blue skirt, used a similarly blue silk band to secure it, and fastened a blue hairpin. The hairpin’s needle looked like a necklace of pearls, and seemed to ripple like a waterfall with just a little shake.

Sitting in front of the Empress Dowager, Murong Feng’s expression was calm as a spring, and her outfit looked like a single entity. It was not overly garish, but still containing an air of dignity.

The Empress Dowager carefully observed for a while, then laughed: “The that way I see it, Feng’er does not lose to Murong Xue by even half a point. Really is a hidden gem, Rui’er really is lucky to meet you.”

“Grandmother exaggerates.” Murong Feng giggled.

“Rui’er didn’t come back last night?” the Empress Dowager asked.

Murong Feng thought: I wouldn’t mind if he stayed away forever. But she said: “There is no need for grandmother to worry. When Feng’er lived with her maternal grandmother  when she was little, grandmother would always say, ‘some things cannot be forced, do not despair over what one cannot get, and also do not excessively celebrate over what one achieves. Everything is decreed by heaven.’ Fourth Prince was originally aiming for Feng’er’s little sister.. Since grandmother likes Feng’er, you will naturally think that Feng’er’s traits are all good. That Fourth Prince probably has the same idea, only Murong Xue is in his heart, yet he was engaged to Feng’er. It’s not his fault that his heart is down, just let him be. If Feng’er happens to have some affinity with the Fourth Prince, then he will naturally return. If there is no affinity, then he is not to blame, grandmother does not need to blame him.”

The Empress Dowager sighed, “it’s also because I spoiled him too much, letting him grow to this state.”

“Do not blame yourself, these little things cannot reveal a person’s true personality. Besides, Fourth Prince is not an ordinary person, and has not performed any intolerable acts. There is no need to be sad.” Murong Feng soflty spoke.

Hearing Murong Feng speak this way, the Empress Dowager was comforted. Although she said many bad things about Sima Rui, she could not bear other people complaining about him. Every word that this Murong Feng spoke was partially protecting Sima Rui, elevating Murong Feng’s position in the Empress Dowager’s eyes.

“Feng’er, you really are a lovable girl. Grandmother will certainly take care of you and won’t let Rui’er bully you.” The Empress Dowager could not help saying.

Murong Feng laughed softly, “Grandmother, you really like to worry, Feng’er isn’t even worried for herself. Let’s not discuss these stressful matters, grandmother, you have always lived in the palace, do you wish to hear of stories outside the palace? Feng’er has been outside with grandmother (from the mother’s side) since childhood and has seen and heard many things. If grandmother does not object, then let Feng’er entertain you.”

“Alright.” the Empress Dowager happily nodded her head. After staying in this palace for so many years, who would dare talk to her like this. Of all of her children/grandchildren or those of similar importance, her children’s concubines, which one of those wasn’t respectful, careful, or afraid of saying the wrong thing. They don’t even dare to breathe loudly, to say nothing of those little servants.

If there was a single person that dared to speak so freely in front of her, it would only be Sima Rui. Despite this abnormal grandson, she would tolerate his accommodations, as well as pamper him.

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8 thoughts on “AMLY Chapter 7

  1. Prince Rui has been spoiled rotten by this grandmother . Along with that he has spent no time on developing his character. Feng is smart in manipulating the power base of Rui ‘s life.Let’s see how far she can go before Rui gets caught up in his own wickedness.
    Thank you for this novel. I think that your choice of text fits so nicely into the telling of this story. I lkie your style

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    • Thanks for reading and your thoughts about the chapter along with our translation!

      We are still fairly new in regards to translating for others to read so we do hope to improve in the future as we continue. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the translation Indy!!

    She’s doing a great job getting ED on her side..I can’t come wait to see how Sima Rui falls hard lol


    • Yeah, I agree! 🙂

      So far in the novel, the Empress Dowager really seems like the main political powerhouse currently with the Emperor seemingly absent.

      I’m looking forward to it too! Neither me nor Stone have read the raws so it’ll be just as big of a surprise for us as well. 😀


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