AMLY Chapter 8

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When Sima Rui saw Murong Xue in the Murong Estate that day, he was certain that she was an angel. When he returned, he wished to be engaged to her, making the Empress Dowager very happy.

Sima Rui wasn’t young anymore. Although he frequented the brothel, he was the only prince who hadn’t selected a wife. She had heard, and seen, that Murong Xue was an unrivaled beauty, and had many talents in the arts as well. This was the first time that the frivolous Sima Rui had ever gone head over heels for anybody, but Murong Qingliang deemed Murong Xue unsuitable due to her young age, and used Murong Feng as a substitute for Murong Xue. Along with meddling from Sima Zhe and Murong Qian, the Emperor decreed that Murong Feng would be the Fourth Princess.

The Empress Dowager knew that Sima Rui would not cooperate; although he complied in order to preserve the imperial family’s reputation, he immediately went to the brothel on the wedding night. Even if this is true, how could Rui’er be blamed? The Empress Dowager had seen Murong Xue and Murong Feng herself, and even she would pick the former. The difference was like that of the heavens and earth, and she could not bear to blame her grandson, so she was cold and unfriendly to Murong Feng. After all, it was Murong Feng’s own fault to have been born among that rabble.

However, she was stupefied after meeting Murong Feng yesterday. What vitality! Elegant and pure. She didn’t lose to Murong Xue by half a point, even winning out a little. Especially that even temper, it was calming no matter how you look at it.

Could it be that she had glossed over her before? Or was it that everyone was distracted by Murong Xue, ignoring this quiet Murong Feng?

One with exquisite beauty, close to perfection!

One with cleverness and vitality, naturally charismatic!

After returning to the Fourth Prince’s estate from the Yangfu Palace, the Empress Dowager’s reward promptly arrived. During the conversation, Murong Feng had changed the drama <retrieving the jade bracelet> (T/N: actually exists, you can search it up if you want to), changing it to an interesting story that could have happened in this dynasty. The Empress Dowager was delighted, and no sooner had Murong Feng’s foot stepped into the Fourth Prince’s estate had her reward been sent in along with her.

Chun Liu’s complexion wasn’t too good, full of nervousness. Murong Feng had sent Chun Tao back to the Murong Estate, and had not brought Chun Liu along the trip to the Yangfu Palace. She thought that Chun Liu would rather have some free time in the estate than simply stand there waiting.

Seeing Chun Liu this way, Murong Feng guessed that something must have happened. Dismissing the Empress Dowager’s servants, she asked: “Chun Liu, what happened? Why is your expression like this?” and sat down on the stone chair.

“Oldest Miss (Murong Qian) came and said she had something urgent to talk with you about.” Chun Liu hesitated. “The matter seems to have some relation to Fourth Miss and this servant saw that Oldest Miss’s complexion wasn’t very good. It probably isn’t a small issue, or else Oldest Miss would not have personally come. After hearing that Miss was at the Empress Dowager’s, she asked this servant to request Miss to hurry to Oldest Miss’s place.”

Murong Feng was startled, what kind of issue would involve Murong Xue? Most likely, this was related to Sima Rui. looking at Sima Rui’s personality, it would be strange if he would give up on Murong Xue this easily!

Accompanied by Chun Liu, Murong Feng mounted the sedan chair to the Eldest Prince’s estate.

Murong Qian had long become impatient, immediately dismissing all when she saw Murong Feng come in, quickly speaking: “it’s big. Something’s happened to youngest sister.”

Murong Feng wrinkled her brow.

“Father came to me this morning, saying that youngest sister has been missing since last night.” Murong Qian’s two eyes were locked onto Murong Feng, “what do you think?”

Murong Feng had no expression, no ordinary person could steal away Murong Xue from the protection of the Murong Estate. Also, no sane person would dare even think of such an idea. Murong Qingliang was the prime minister, his daughter was a beauty unrivaled under the heavens, not even a prince was good enough to marry her to, how could she just be lost? Besides Sima Rui, there could be no other person. The night when he waved his hand to take off her veil, Murong Feng knew that this Sima Rui was definitely a low person.

What a hateful guy,; unfortunately, he really did have this ability!

Seeing that Murong Feng still had not answered, Murong Qian sighed, frowned, and impatiently said: “Why are you so stupid, can’t you use your brain and think about what kind of person would be this hateful?”

“Sima Rui.” Murong Feng didn’t even blink, calmly answering.

Murong Qian was shocked, “How do you know?!”

“Guess!” Murong Feng was calm.

“Your second sister had already sent people to investigate. Except for Sima Rui, nobody else would be able to break in and take away Murong Xue. His martial art proficiency is high, and he has had an obsession with her for a long time. Father also suspects him. Do you know where he is right now?” Murong Qian nervously frowned, “This matter cannot be known to others, or else youngest sister’s life is forfeit! We must be swift, otherwise it will be hard to keep this under wraps..”

Murong Feng nodded her head.

“Right now you are Sima Rui’s wife, you have the most reason to search for him.” Murong Qian heavily said.

“I can only promise that I’ll try.” Murong Feng calmly said, “Don’t put all your wishes on me.”

“I know that you are angry with the family right now, but she is still your blood relative from the same mother. Right now is not the time to pout, it is the time to search.” Murong Qian said righteously.

Murong Feng laughed, “Do you think that Sima Rui has his sights set on me, that I would succeed for sure? Moreover, this is not an issue that can be solved through hastiness; do you even know where Sima Rui is right now? Where do we even begin? You don’t need to worry about Murong Xue, Sima Rui’s personality is absurd, but even he isn’t dumb enough to harm Murong Xue. he can have all the beauties he wants, so how could he only lust after her body? What he wants is the heart, not just the body!”

Murong Qian was speechless, when did Murong Feng turn into this cool tactician?

“Wu Meng sent a letter this morning, saying that Sima Rui was at the Shattered Flower Tower (T/N: the brothel, or a place to shatter flowers XD), having a pleasurable time with women and wine.” Murong Qian bit her lip, “Why don’t you go to that place to find him. Think of a plan to find youngest sister, better if you could bring her back.”

Murong Feng chuckled, saying: “I am still considered the Daxing dynasty’s Fourth Princess and Murong Estate’s Third Miss. And Eldest sister wants me to waltz in like a bitch into that place, seizing that Sima Rui from a prostitute’s bed? To cry and scream to that girl that she has taken my husband away from me? Are you really the future Empress, panicking at this kind of problem, really makes me laugh. You tell me, even if I do find Sima Rui, what evidence can you find that makes him admit that youngest sister is in there, and that he was the one who took her from Murong Estate?”

“You! ——” Murong Qian was seething with anger, but forced it down. Yes, what Murong Feng said was right, she would not solve the problem by worrying. She had panicked, and all it did was earn her ridicule. “Then what’s your plan?”

Murong Feng nodded her head, frowning, and faintly said: “Take it as it comes, and try your best.”

Murong Qian was speechless, and could only hang her head.

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  1. She wants her to go there and beg him 😲 where are your brains,does the look like the gives a damn 🙄
    Of you know that you guys did her wrong how dare you go and ask HER for help to find that hypocritical woman ? All of you are hypocriets.


  2. Seriously? She’s now a wangfei… How could she possibly go into that kind of place. Lady, you need to have your head examined..
    Also I’m praying your husband falls for her kekeke.. always unrequited. The sweetest revenge. *Evil laugh*


  3. This all began when they decided that this prince was a brute, not good enough for their little sister.Now the the fan is blowing backwards they want wangfei to go and act shamelessly to get them all home safely. Dream on! It ain’t gonna happen.
    Thank you for this chapters update translation


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